Welcome to the Wellesley Globalist, an undergraduate semiannual magazine on international affairs at Wellesley College. We aim to engage students in international issues through the publication of student-written articles that touch on a diverse array of topics and perspectives. Each issue of the Globalist centers around a particular theme, illustrating a common thread found throughout our submissions.  We then invite a professor to give a lecture about their field of expertise that incorporates our theme.

This Spring of 2018, our issue theme is imminent, an adjective meaning “likely to occur at any moment; impending,” or “projecting or leaning forward.” While it often has a negative connotation, it can also simply indicate that something is about to happen. Climate change, the rise of populist movements, and backlash against free trade lead us to a juncture in international relations where change is imminent. We invite you to read our past publications and stay tuned for our next publication release in May!