About Us

Welcome to the Wellesley Globalist, an undergraduate run magazine. The Wellesley Globalist is proud to present sections in each issue that relate and constitute the magazine’s aim to a broader and a global conversation on issues of International Affairs. Sections include Politics & The Economy, Culture, Perspectives, and Wellesley in the World. In each issue, the Wellesley Globalist will report issues that are global, specific, and engage readers in international affairs.  Each issue of the Globalist centralizes around a particular theme. The 2017 inaugural edition will present Lingua Franca.

Politics & The Economy

This section is comprised of articles pertaining to the fields of economics and politics. The articles focusing on politics look at the activities associated with governance, political relations between countries, and/or political theories and beliefs. The articles that focus on economics deal with the in-depth aspects of production, consumption, and/or wealth


Articles focusing on culture will focus on capturing cultural means relating to a particular society and its ideas, customs, and art. Through close examination, these articles will seek to relish in a deeper cultural awareness through the understanding of other countries’ backgrounds, especially in their differences attitudes and values.


The perspective section is a platform where writers express their opinions and feelings about international issues, both persisting of debates and up-to-date topics. Following our writers’ footsteps, this section will take you to the worldwide political, economic, social, and cultural frontline. Through witness, personal experience, interviews, and critical thinking, our writers strive to connect different parts of the globe with vivid narrative and discussion.

Wellesley in the World

Articles center on the experiences of Wellesley College students, faculty and alumnae abroad as well as in the United States. The type of experience can vary and includes internships, study abroad, or research involvement of any capacity.  The articles are often written in first person narrative and focus on an individual’s intellectual or personal growth.