Welcome Letter


Dana Al-Jawamis
Former Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the Wellesley Globalist!

I am delighted to introduce you to Wellesley College’s student-led international affairs publication! Wellesley is the first and only all-women academic institution to join the prestigious Globalist Network via our new publication, The Wellesley Globalist. We are thrilled to mark our engagement within the network with our inaugural publication.

The very first issue of The Wellesley Globalist will highlight Women in Revolutions, their challenges and motivations, as well as their political, economic and humanitarian impact. The publication will also shed light on other topics of global concern, including the Arab Spring, today’s market economy, global political systems, social movements around the world and economic crises.

Through our Wellesley in the World section, we will present the perspectives of different Wellesley students on their experiences with cultures all around the world.

Our team emphasizes our publication’s relevant and honest nature, as we believe that our position as women concerned with the world will grant a special focus on the leadership of women everywhere, continuing to enhance, empower and project the issues our gender faces. Wellesley is about women’s empowerment, as is our publication. Although we do not claim to represent the voices of women everywhere, we are determined to provide a venue for unrepresented opinions from our community and beyond. We are determined to be an honest publication, drawing this honestly from our mission to become a window of opportunity to understanding the world in a different, young and eager manner.

As president and co-founder of The Wellesley Globalist at Wellesley College, I am proud to present the entire founding team, that has worked hard to bring this engaging publication to you. Thank you for your tireless efforts for this inaugural publication and your participation as pioneers for what this chapter can bring to global discussions

I encourage our readers and followers to stay updated, sign up for our newsletter, submit your feedback and help us reach you!