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Students Will Hand In Detailed Proposals to La Moneda

By Mariana Zepedaon June 28, 2012.

Students will hand the government a letter detailing their ideas for improving Chile’s education system. Photo: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

SANTIAGO — The Confech (Confederation of Chilean Students) announced that after the national protest today, they will provide La Moneda with a letter detailing their ideas for the improvement of Chile’s education system.

“We don’t plan to remain mere critics of the education system, we want to propose alternatives to the current situation,” stated Noam Titelman, president of the Student Federation of the Universidad Católica.

Although the students plan to work with government to improve education, they will not stand down on Thursday’s protest.

The student’s clarification of their tactics to improve the education system follow Tuesday’s public declarations from the Minister of Education, Harald Beyer, who invited students to brainstorm concrete initiatives to improve education in Chile.